The BERS PUBLIC SCHOOL (BPS) was established in April, 2022 along with SODHA ENERGY RESEARCH PARK, known as popularly SERP. The SERP has facilities of 30 kW off-grid greenhouse integrated semi-transparent photovoltaic thermal (GiSPVT) system, PVT air collectors, Biogas plant, passive house, various designs of solar distillation, aquaculture, cow shelter, vermin-compost system, PVT-rickshaw etc. The SERP campus is spread over an area of 2 acres. The BPS campus is a green area consisting of all plant which releases oxygen day and night like Papal and Hari Shankari and is full of all medicinal plants.

Ballia is 150 km only away from VARANASI by road . There is a good connectivity between VARANASI to BALLIA by road . The conference site is 25 km before Ballia city on National Highway (NH 31).

Facilites at SERP

Passive House


Biogas Plant

Solar Distillation System

Aquaculture Pond

Vermicompost System

PVT Air Collectors

PVT Rickshaw