Established in 2007, The Bag Energy Research Society (BERS-2007) under the supervision, guidance and mentoring of Padamshri Prof.M.S.Sodha. BERS is a renewable energy and solar energy technologies in particular aspire to be engineering, consulting and training organization in the country. BERS has a team of reputable scientist, engineers, managers and resource persons with diverse portfolio, and is experienced in both government and private enterprise in relation to Solar Energy engineering, consultancy, design, audit and education. Our expertise covers both on grid and off grid Renewable Energy Technologies and the commercial aspects of Renewable Energy Technology systems and power supplies.

BERS will act as an institution to extend its all efforts to bring about improvement in the social life conditions of the entire human being on the planet earth. For this, an awareness program will be launched in different part of our country and the world from time to time within the framework of the natural resource base.

BERS expresses the desire to contribute to a sustainable development society without external assistance by creating renewable energy efficient devices by innovation in technologies, management of the resources and by improving societal conditions based on the economics, ecological, environment and cultural aspects of the local populace.

BERS aims to be the India’s leading education and training provider in the Renewable Energy Innovation and Technology Sector.


• Leading and providing superior education and Solar PV training for India’s renewable energy workforce through accessible learning and ongoing support programs

• Establishing training standards that comply with local and international frameworks to ensure our workforce is among the world’s best in innovating, designing and        developing clean energy technology

• Supporting the growth and development of the renewable energy industry both within India, developing countries and in the world to increase global sustainability of       our environmental resources

• Establishing ourselves as the preferred organization for industry and commerce in renewable energy innovation and technology by communicating factual, up-to-date    and evidence-based teachings and publications

In doing so, we envision to create sustainable change through quality education, engineering, communication and leadership.