The Bag Energy Research Society


Workshop at IIT Delhi

During 25-27 August 2009 | funded by SESNET

Professor G.N. Tiwari from the IIT Delhi visited SASNET’s root node office in Lund on Tuesday 19 May 2009. He was accompanied by Professor Krister Hakansson, Dept. of Psychology, Vaxjo University, with whom Prof. Tiwari is involved in a collaboration project to organise research and a conference on hybrid photovoltaic-thermal technology (H-PV/T), to be held in New Delhi.

SOLARIS - 2012

During 7-9 February 2012 | at Varanasi

SOLARIS-2012 at Varanasi was conducted in joint collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) and Banaras Hindu University (BHU) from 7-9 February 2012 on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Padamshree M. S. Sodha.

Lecture at Workshop held at India Habitat Centre

on 15th May 2009 | at New Delhi

Conference at SESNET

During 19-20 May 2009 | at SESNET, Sweden

Conference entitled "Implementation strategies for the transfer of hybrid photovoltaic-thermal technology (H-PV/T) from research to lab to field" held at SASNET, Sweden on 19-20 May 2009.
Recently Prof. Tiwari visited SASNET’s root node office in Lund and Vaxjo University. He delivered the lecture over there and met the Mayor. He also visited the PV systems installed over there.

Institute of Renewable Energy

During 15-18 Feb 2010 | at Bolzano, Italy