Dr. Vibha Chaturvedi

Joint Secretary, Bhawani Tiwari Memorial Trust

Dr Vibha Chaturvedi had received postgraduate degree in Environmental Chemistry in 2000 from Jiwaji University, Gwalior. She has received New Renewable Energy (NRE) fellowship from Ministry of New Renewable Energy in 2003 and did her PhD from National Environmental Engineering Institute (NEERI) Nagpur. The broad areas of her research are utilization of solar energy for wastewater treatment with specific reference to application in textile industry. She was actively involved in various projects like Technical appraisal of Reverse Osmosis Systems and Adequacy & Efficacy assessment of Effluent facilities including Advanced Treatment Processes in various Textile Industries in Hyderabad, India and Adequacy and efficacy of wastewater management systems at various medium scale industries in the State of Tamil Nadu, India. She has an expertise in physicochemical analysis, detailed characterization of drinking water and wastewater as per standard methods AWWA APHA WPCF , assessment of wastewater treatment facilities and Data analysis and Quality Control Procedures. She was Asssistant Professor in Krishna Engineering College, Ghaziabad since 2006. She is also the joint secretory of Bhawani Tiwari Memorial Trust (BTMT).