The Bag Energy Research Society

bhawani tiwari memorial trust



The main objects for which the Trust Fund is established are:

•   To provide and restructuring higher education, facilities in the fields of Medical, Engineering, Management, Computer Science & in all vocational courses, primary education for needy students Intellectuals & other persons of the Society belonging to any caste, creed and religion etc.
•   To engage Teachers, Professors, Instructors, professionals, Management personnel, Technical Advisors and experts of good moral character and having capabilities to impart efficiently and economically upto-date knowledge to students in Medical, Engineering, Management, Computer Science, all vocational courses, primary education, intellectual and other usual pursuits.
•   To establish, acquire, construct, maintain and run Colleges, Institutions Polytechnics to provide all sorts of education in the fields of Medical, Engineering, Management, Vocational Courses public & primary education.
•   To establish, acquire, purchase, construct, maintain Hospitals Diagnostic Centers, Nursing Home and Dispensaries to provide medical facilities to all or any person of the society.
•   To establish, acquire, construct, maintain and run Auditorium, Sports complex for furtherance of skills of Sports, Athletes etc.
•   To Open Community Center for use of any member of the society belonging to any caste, creed or religion etc.
•   To Open Community Center for use of any member of the society belonging to any caste, creed or religion etc.
•   To develop a healthy as well as critical attitude towards the development of mental, physical and moral of the students and those connected with the institutions so as to make them good citizens.
•   To accept donations, grants, presents and other offerings and to deal with the same for the purpose of the trust.
•   To charge moderate tuition fees and otherwise recoup themselves for the outlay and expenses incurred in the upkeep and maintenance of institutions establishes or about to be establishes under this deed.
•   To train and equip pupils so as to be self-supporting in an honorable and decent way of life so as to develop into good, healthy and progressive citizens.
•   To develop discretionary conduct and a habit to observe the rule of law and self-resident.
•   To bring out, encourage and develop the inventive and research faculties of the pupils and teachers and to afford opportunity for research work in Medical Science, Art, Science Industrial and Information Technology and other allied areas of these types.
•   To receive and maintain in a fund or funds and to administer and apply the income and principal thereof for the furtherance of the objects of the Trust.
•   To acquire on lease or by purchase or otherwise any moveable or immoveable properties including pieces of land or built properties thereon of any kind under any name and style for the use of Trust and fulfillment of its objectives.
•   To manage, sell, transfer, let out by way of lease, license or otherwise dispose of or deal with the assets/properties of any kind both moveable or immoveable belonging to the Trust.
•   To enter into any agreement or arrangement with any other Society, Foundation, or any other party having any legal entity or any individual for the smooth functioning and achievements of the objective of the Trust in a better way.
•   To take up any other activities as deemed appropriate towards public interest as and when decided by the Trustees.
•   The Trust may at the recommendation of the Trustees pay out stipends and scholarships on such terms, if any, as they may deem fit and as may be commensurate with the income of the Trust.
•   The Trust is a public charitable institution and has not been started with a view to earn any profits, all income of the Trust or Institution run by the Trust shall be utilized towards promotion of aims and objects of the Trust only. No benefits will be derived directly or indirectly by the Founder Trustee of One Part. The Trust has been established to do all acts for the benefit of the general public, belonging to any caste, creed or religion.
•   In the event of winding up of the Trust at any point of time, the whole of the corpus fund and other funds, all movable and immoveable properties belonging to the Trust of the Institution run by the Trust shall only be transferred to any other public charitable Trust of Institution having the same aims and objects for the public charitable purposes.